Dreams come true


I travelled thousands of miles each summer as a kid, to reach the ocean for two weeks of bliss. There was no where in the world I wanted to be more, and I vowed to my parents that when I reached legal age I was going to live on the ocean.

Well, I waited a little longer than 18 years before doing it, and now I watch my own two growing up on the water, not realizing yet just how magical a place they have.

I know they will one day, and for that I’m grateful. It’s like a little secret right before their eyes that someday they’ll see (when they leave it most likely)


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These guys get it

Just picked up my sushi order from the little family run place down the block, they’ve started making newspaper bags by hand for each take out order. 15 minutes per bag.

Not only are they cool as hell, but these smart business people just get it. They’re doing something positive, they’re SO part of the movement, and they’re putting sweat equity right into the account of our planet. Just because it’s the right thing to do.

I will NEVER buy sushi anywhere else again if I can help it.



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