Surfing a 64ft. wave

I can never get enough watching these guys ride these crazy waves at Jaws on the North Shore of Maui. I got to see it in person once back around 1999, you can't fully appreciate how freakin' big these things are until you feel the whump in your chest from them half a kilometre away.

Sounds like it's nuts there now as the crowds are getting over the top, but I'm going in January and I might have to try anyway.


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Fake plastic kids

I run my dog past a place in the neighbourhood that still gives me double takes when I pass. Two eerily real, waxy looking, artificial children having a moment in the middle of a waxy looking, artificial lawn.

A nonsense stream of dialogue runs through my head each time I'm fooled into looking at them. "Aren't they bored yet?" "Where are their parents at this hour?" "It's pouring rain, they'll get soaked!"

I guess it's some retired couple trying to soften up their retired looking lawn, to bring some youthful energy back now that the real kids are lawyers in some far away city, Just seems a little sad to me.

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